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Commercial Services

Furniture removal

Construction debris removal

Yard debris, branches, sod

Appliance and Electronic Recycling

Computer removal and recycling

Television removal and recycling

Refrigerator removal and recycling

E-waste removal and recycling

Storage unit clean-ups

Yard clean-ups

Rental clean-ups

Basement clean outs

Office clean outs

Office clean outs

To much junk at your store? Trust the professionals to remove it without disturbing your business on the way out!

Foreclosure Clean Outs

Are you trying to sell a home for a bank but there's just to much junk in it? contact your clean out specialists at Fats' Junk Removal & Demolition today!

Storage unit clean-ups

Tired of paying that monthly fee to store .... Junk?!

no one likes that so call us to get it cleared and cleaned so you can save money!

Rental Clean-Ups

A cluttered house won't help you get a new tenant let Fats' Junk Removal & Demolition clean it up so you can get paid!

Construction Debris Removal

Are you flipping a House? Revamping your store? We can take that mess off your hands and keep it dust free!!

Outside junk removal foreclosure

Yard Clean-Ups

When houses are foreclosed on sometimes the previous owners leave in a hurry and leave Junk in the yard for the next owner, but we have your back at Fats' Junk Removal & Demolition so hit that button for a free estimate!

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